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  • We identify with the goals of our network and engage ourselves for their achievement.
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  • We keep private and corporate information in strict confidence.
  • All members act for themselves and take responsibility for their own goals and interests - of course ensuring the network's interests.
  • We split all tasks between the members in a flexible way to benefit the contributions of all members and to keep the structures in place.

The RBg forum is accessible only to employees and retirees of the Bosch Group (incl. ReGe, ToGe and BeGe). Registration is possible using a corporate email address only. If desired, this email address can be changed afterwards to a private one in order to receive forum notifications and our newsletters outside Bosch. In any case your email address remains invisible to all members, except the administrator.

All known Bosch domains for registration are activated. Around 450 domains are located, (e.g. If registration fails, please contact our administrator for help:

Employees without corporate email address are asked to send a legitimation of their company affiliation (e.g. copy of their Bosch ID) to the administrator for manual registration.

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