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… to RBg, the LGBT network of Robert Bosch Group.

LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. For more information on who and what we are, you found the right place.
We focus our internal communication in our Bosch-connect community. Visit us there if you are a Bosch employee.
For non-Bosch members, the public pages offer information about our goals and contact persons for upcoming questions.
We appreciate new ideas for these pages – please feel free to contact us!
Your RBg Team
picture diversity
I am pleFoto Franz Fehrenbachased that the gay-lesbian network RBg has gone online, opening another aspect of diversity within our company.
RBg provides an important contribut
ion to mutual respect and acceptance of individuality – and in this case homosexuality – amongst Bosch employees.

Our goal is to promote better understanding of one another and build a workplace environment free of preconceptions. In my opinion this openness to diversity is an important factor for the success of Bosch.
Franz Fehrenbach
Chairman of the supervisory board of Robert Bosch GmbH
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