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What is RBg?

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What is RBg?
RBg is the network of employees of the Bosch Group with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) background. It originates out of a private initiative from 2006 which gained more and more members over the following years. In 2012 RBg had its “coming out” as the official LGBT network of Robert Bosch Group.
Our program includes:
  • An online discussion forum and several events to enable networking between the employees. These activities support colleagues in handling and discussing issues regarding sexuality in daily work life.
  • We are open for all Bosch employees to boost discussions and mutual understanding of different ways of living.
  • Diverse activities with networks from other companies provide the possibility for exchange of ideas of how to handle LGBT topics.
  • As part of Bosch’s diversity network we contribute to an attractive and modern employer.
 RBg is a synonym for full acceptance of all employees regardless of sexual orientation.
RBg is different, like we all are! Are you going to be part of it?
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